Friday, 18 January 2019

Friday Ramblings

I had a nice day over eldest daughter Anna's yesterday. Took a Tesco lasagne over to cook,  plus garlic bread and salad ( well, at least something healthy there!)
Very tasty and went down well with naughty but nice, belgian choc eclair and coffee, prior to the meal. SW would not approve!

It was good to see her little dog Filo again and he was all over me, mainly because of the choc eclairs he could smell in my bag!

I managed to get bus back to Bedford from Clapham ok, as obviously Anna unable to drive at the moment. I think boredom is the main thing now as she has to rest the broken leg.

Looks as if she will be off work for quite a while. One of her hospital colleagues has kindly been driving her to appointments. Times like this I wish I had learned.

Spent most of late afternoon and evening watching tv and went to bed about 11pm and slept well for a change. Haven't decided whether to go out today or not as woke up about 6 and dozed off again having weird dreams (no change there)

I might stay in and sort porch cupboards out, as they are full of stuff that Paul acquired over the years, including his toolbox. Not much chance of me using the tools, apart from a screwdriver. I would be lethal wielding a drill and would probably zap myself drilling through an electric cable!

I can hear Paul saying "Leave well alone Wilson!"

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Can't get to sleep. Seem to be having quite a few nights like this - annoying as my ECG appt is early this morning. I'm not feeling particularly anxious about it. Might have a small glass of milk, sometimes helps me nod off.

Going to see Anna later and taking her some red grapes - says she's fed up with the green ones. She will need a load of physio once the broken ankle is sorted - hope she won't need plates in it.  A worrying time.

My sis said it's going to be very cold today, so I had better wrap up, especially if it turns out my ticker is a bit dodgy, as getting cold thickens the blood apparently, especially in us old dodderers!  A cheerful prospect.

I really don't like this old age thingy and the health problems it can bring. I still feel fairly fit and have a mental age of 30 ish!! Pity I don't look it though.😕

I had hoped that me and Paul would grow really old together, but staying young at heart - alas,  it was not to be.

Let me get that small glass of milk now . I can imagine Paul saying " FFS, just go
to sleep woman!" 

Bless him ❤ xx

Wednesday Ramblings

Feeling lazy this am. I'm usually up, washed or showered by now, but stll in dressing gown. Trying to update and reinstall my banking app, but keeps saying my phone is incompatible with this version, but it doesn't give me alternative in play store. Will have to go in bank and find out why as never had this problem before.

So much for technology and not so smart phones!

The sun has decided to shine so cheered me up a bit. Will watch more daytime TV as can't be bothered to go out today. Expecting parcels too.

Not looking forward to ECG tomorrow - hope they don't find anything sinister ❤!

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tuesday Ramblings.

I had my diabetes review this morning. Nearly missed my appointment as the bus was 15 mins late.
It went well on the whole, as my blood sugar is still going down since I lost some weight, thanks to Slimming World. I have decided to go on Metformin as they keep suggesting I should.  Hope I don't get any long term side effects.

BP was fine too, but nurse thought my pulse was slightly irregular, so has booked me an ECG for Thursday. I have checked it myself and thought it seemed to skip a beat now and then for no reason.  Seeing as what happened to Paul, with his unforeseen heart problems, I don't want to ignore any symptoms. It may be nothing and quite normal for me.

I hope so.

Monday, 14 January 2019


60 years today my sister and I lost our lovely mother. It was a few weeks before my 17th birthday. I remember I was at home alone when the phone rang and it was the hospital asking to speak to my father. They wouldn't tell me what was happening, though of course I guessed, as we knew she was dying from cancer.  No mobile phones in 1959 so I had no way of contacting him. He phoned them when he came home, but as I recall, it was too late.

That phone call reminded me of the one I received in the early hours of 22nd November, when my darling Paul died. I didn't make the hospital in time then either.

I still miss my mum as my sis and I never got to spend more precious years with her and she never knew her grandchildren.

Sleep well Mum and Paul. Love and miss you both xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Lazy Sunday Ramblings

Having a lazy dressing gown day at the minute, though I will probably get my arse in gear later. I had asked my eldest daughter Anna round for lunch today, but she texted me to say she was in hospital after falling over and breaking her ankle last night.

She's home now, ankle in plaster, staying round her fella's place so at least has support. She will be off work a while I expect and will need some physio when its set.

I don't think many people read this blog, as I rarely get any comments, though it is linked to my facebook account.

I get the odd comment on there, if I share the link occasionally. It's more for me really I suppose,  to air my thoughts. Since Paul died on that fateful November day, I have been on here much more. I find it really helps, maybe it's like a form of therapy.  I must start writing a few more poems and stories. Paul always encouraged me and thought my efforts were brilliant,  bless him. Slightly biased no doubt!

Roll on Spring. Paul's favourite season and mine. I hope he's happy in the Spring garden at Norse Road.  Love you and miss you, my lovely Paul xx❤

Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Of all the exclusive shops in Milton Keynes, the one we spent actual money in, was Poundland - not as if we haven't got a couple in Bedford! 😃 Paul would laugh at that ❤

Me and friend Viv had a chicken sandwich, though it looked suspiciously like a bap to me, plus large fries in Macdonalds - don't tell Slimming World.  Sarah and Jean had a chicken wrap.  I enjoy a bit of junk food occasionally and we did plenty of walking to hopefully burn it off.

Got back in Bedford and bought a pair of matching duck egg blue bedside lamps from QD. Pleased with them.

Last of the big spenders springs to mind, but I enjoyed the day out.

Tony from across the road kindly brought my bird feeder station over that I'd ordered from Amazon and I have attempted to assemble it. Paul usually did these jobs. I will place it in the garden tomorrow and see if it stays up 😕

Out again tomorrow for Burn's lunch where I will have my first taste of haggis!

Must get blood test done Friday as diabetes review coming up next week.

What an exciting life!