Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wednesday Ramblings.

It's been a bad week.

Paul went for a routine appointment at diabetes clinic yesterday, but nurse called consultant, as one of his toes looked inflamed and suspected it was fractured. An Xray confirmed it and after a long, long wait in A&E he was admitted to AAU.

I had to go home to fetch his meds etc. He's on IV antibiotics. It's possible they may let him out tomorrow, though he'll need nurses round for IV and dressing changes at home.

The thing is we were due to go on holiday to Scotland this Sunday, but I've had to cancel.

Oh well, ce'st la vie, as they say!

Luckily we're insured, so will be refunded, but we were looking forward to a long overdue break

We may book something later in the year, toe willing!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Just say NO to Chocolate and other sweet things!

I had to see a nurse at my GP surgery yesterday, who informed me I have type 2 diabetes. To be honest I was expecting this news, not because I'd had any of the usual symptoms eg. being really thirsty or peeing more often.

My last blood test showed raised glucose levels even after fasting. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family so it's not surprising I may succumb.

She gave me a diet sheet which had items that I can eat freely, plus others that are not so good - and the last group which are not recommended and might well shorten my life if I should overindulge in such pleasurable  delights.

Needless to say most of my favourite grub is in the last group.

Still, there is a positive - I may lose some weight feasting on lettuce!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday Ramblings.

The birds, especially the rooks in my garden, had a gourmet meal this lunchtime, when I accidentally dropped a tin of opened salmon in my sink,  which we didn't fancy consuming, so threw it in the back garden.

"What a plonker! " as Del as Boy would have said.

The rooks swooped to devour it within seconds. Rich pickings round here, so no doubt the word is getting round on
the local rook/jackdaw grapevine!

We always have loads of them nesting in the trees opposite our bungalow and though they make a racket with their cawing, I've become rather fond of them, as they are such ingenious birds and don't miss a trick.

By the summer they're gone, so it's relatively peaceful again, but then it's the turn of the equally noisy midwife toads that become active from June. They make a noise en masse every evening that sounds like an electronic  bleep. We have to keep bedroom windows closed till they desist, usually around midnight.

My neighbours have a couple of small ponds, so I expect that's where they are breeding. Thankfully, all is silent again by September.

Luckily I had a spare tin of salmon, that I drained more carefully this time..

Monday, 27 February 2017


Monday Ramblings.

A good morning all round.

Met friends for coffee and catch up earlier and bought a few more new clothes for our holiday in the Scottish Highlands in April. Really looking forward to it as I've not been to Scotland.

My youngest daughter came over when I got home with Chihuahua, Treacle, commonly called "The Rat" by her partner and mine. She's a real cutie though, but inclined to nip with those exceedingly sharp little teeth!

We hope to get another dog after the holiday, probably a rescue, as our previous two were. There are so many poor dogs in rescue homes, so rather that, than buy one from an  unscrupulous breeder/puppy farm. Maybe a slightly smaller dog this time as I don't think I could control a large one with my arthritic fingers.

I've put a few more of my poems on the blog if anyone wishes to read them. I haven't written any new material for ages.

Maybe our holiday in Scotland will inspire me anew!